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For more then 30 years now, Annie Thijssen has been proving her skills in the creation of dolls of all kinds and sizes.

During this time span she has received many certificates and testimonials for her works. In 1987 she received the official title of “guild mistress”.

Annie creates many different types of figures and dolls, all with their own special story to tell and with their own character to show.

Even the clothes are designed and produced by Annie herself, for which she uses many different materials, ranging from clay to macrame and from lace to wool.

She is best known for her unique forest-figures. These troll-like creatures have various character expresions. Sometimes sweet, more often naughty and even a little bit mailcious. Sometime they come in entire families but most often they are true wanderers living in solitude.

Other figures range from sweet female gnomes to real-life punkers or tough motor-dudes… in short: no character is left out by Annie!

Annie Thijssen is displaying her creations on a regular basis at specialist handicraft fairs, during which she is always in for a personal explanation on the ins and outs on how to create these figures to whoever is interested.

Annie also gives workshops abroad and she has already been invited to Canada several times to teach her skills to groups of creative doll makers.

If you are interested in organizing a workshop to learn Annie Thijssen’s way of making dolls and other figures, please contact her by e-mail or phone, using the contact info below.

Annie Thijssen

e-mail: info@anniethijssen.nl

Tel: +31-478-585674